Weingut Julius in Gundheim/Rheinhessen

The Julius winery is located in Gundheim, close to Worms, the oldest town in Germany. It belongs to the wine region of “Rheinhessen”. The Julius family has lived in this area for many generations. Weingut Julius is a family run winery. Combining long experience with modern technology we are continually improving the quality of our wine. At the same time we try hard to affect nature as little as possible and support the ecosystem in the vineyards through organic methods. Organic winegrowing reflects our philosophy of quality in harmony with nature. Presently we belong to a minority of wineries in Germany that grow organic wine. This philosophy has had a major impact on our policy for years. Today we grow white wines in sixty per cent of our vineyards. We have a variety of traditional and recent grapes in our wine list that we are sure will give you great delight. The winemaker is Georg Julius himself. He is a professional winegrower.

The Julius winery is managed according to the following principles:

  • organic and eco-friendly cultivation
  • considerate vinification
  • cultivation of wines with a strong character

On 19 hectares we cultivate 60% white grape varieties (Riesling, Silvaner, Rivaner, White and Gray Burgundy) and 40% red grapes (Dornfelder, Spätburgunder, Portugieser, Merlot).


Our vineyards belong to the following individual sites:

  • Gundheim (Sonnenberg, Mandelbrunnen)
  • Worms-Abenheim (Klausenberg)
  • Dalsheim (Sauloch)
  • Flörsheim (Frauenberg)
  • Bermersheim (Hasenlauf)
  • Westhofen (Rotenstein and Morstein).

The soil in the Julius vineyards is very special:

Our wine grapes are grown on warm fertile loess and clay soil but also on limestone soil. This kind of soil is able to store water for a long time, so that even in very hot summers there are no drought problems. This ensures that the vines are well supplied with nutrients and minerals which are essential for the mineral character of the Julius wines.

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